The Parts Town Difference

Parts Town consists of a series of integrated teams focused on delivering an extraordinary customer experience, and innovative technologies which simplify and improve the parts research and purchasing process. The entire company is focused on delighting customers and supporting manufacturer partners.

There are four key points of differentiation highlighted in the Parts Town value proposition:

  • Always genuine OEM parts; no exceptions. Only the safest, highest performing parts approved and supported by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • Personal, friendly customer care. From 8 AM-9 PM ET the phone is answered live within three rings. No automated routing systems, no voice mail … just live, friendly, expert service.
  • Same day shipping until 9 PM ET. Every order ships every day.
  •, the Parts Town app, and the Parts Town mobile-optimized website. The industry’s leading technology, constantly enhanced.

The value proposition is enhanced continuously and customized to support the needs of major partners and specific customer segments. Parts Town recognizes that its customers are unique and often require different partnership elements to deliver on their specific objectives. In fact, Parts Town has developed over 30 customized websites designed for specific customer partners or manufacturers.

What does the future hold?

Parts Town is committed to the following principles:

  • Private ownership with a focus on sustained success rather than quarterly earnings
  • Living our values: integrity, passion, courage, and innovation
  • Providing only genuine OEM parts to our customers to ensure safety and performance
  • Delivering the industry’s best end-to-end customer experience
  • Creating new and innovative technologies to support our customers
  • Partnering with our customers and manufacturers in a unique way to deliver on their goals
  • Creating more opportunities for great people that truly live our values
  • Giving back to our community and those in need

We are Parts Town, we are different, we will continue to grow in an extraordinary way, and we will continue to change the restaurant equipment parts market. Thank you for choosing Parts Town!

Company Culture and Core Values

The unique culture of Parts Town is the essence of the company’s story and growth. Our culture is predicated on the unique personalities and talents of our team members and guided by our four core values:


Open, honest, reliable, and consistent. Our focus is on doing things the right way, not the easy way.


“Unique enthusiasm required.” We are willing to go the extra mile and do extraordinary things to delight our customers and manufacturer partners.


Dares to be different from others. Sets unusually high standards. Takes on tough decisions in pursuit of absolute excellence.


Embraces technology. Strives to create unique solutions for customer and manufacturer partners.

Parts Town is not your typical company. When you walk in the door, you can feel the energy and see the difference. We live our values, take care of our customer and manufacturer partners, deliver results, and give back to our team and to our community.